The Next Best Thing To Sell Your Land

The next big thing suggested in the title is actually two things depending on how you look at it. Selling your land is a lot easier nowadays with easy access to the internet. The internet is of course one thing, but two ways you can use to sell your land are one, online auction websites, and two, online classifieds. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages which we will go over now.

Online auction websites are great for selling unwanted good cluttering up your home. Yet, they have also opened up the opportunity to list your property for sale as well as land, cars, and boats. This means that you can go on the auction site today, type a lot of interesting text describing your land, the area, and perhaps what it can be used for. Upload some images; generally the more photos you show the more your listing will stand out amongst others. Remember to add some information that puts your potential customer’s minds at rest such as a guarantee or state that you have up to date government documents etc. Finally,enter your price and perhaps a reserve if you don’t want your land to sell below a certain amount. Just like a public auction, your land will not be sold if it does not reach the reserve you set. The biggest benefit of online auctions is that they create an exciting platform for bidders to ‘win’ your land. Therefore, you can sometimes get a good deal more money from your listing than you expected.

Online classifieds work in a similar manner to auctions in that you will enter description text, upload images, and set a price. However, you will not be able to set a reserve price and must set a certain value for the land. Of course, you can state in your ad that you will accept offers over the amount and sell to the highest bidder. The advantage of classified ads is that they tend to be a cheaper option than online auctions. The downside will be that they mostly reach people within a certain region of the country whereas auctions will effectively be shown to potential customers all over the country. 

While it is not one of the ways to advertise your property for sale free, you will only be paying a small percentage of the sale price. And if you are creative, you can think of inventive ways to make it feel like it is free. For instance, if the online auction or classified website you use to list your site charges three percent of the sale price to advertise your land, then you can increase the price of your land by that same three percent. Finally, remember to set a reserve whatever platform you decide to use. If you go without and someone wins the auction, you are now legally committed to selling.