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Should You Hire A Moving Company Or Ask For Favours?

If you’re gearing up to move into a new apartment or house, you may be wondering whether you should spend on the moving company or just ask friends and family for help. You might think it’s not too much to ask for a few friends to help pack and load a rental truck, but it really could be too much. While your friends or family members are not likely to say no, you do need to realize that you are putting them on the spot, and that it involves a lot of heavy lifting, sweat, time, and energy. After all, do you like the idea of manual labour? Let’s weigh out the options.


Obviously the biggest save if you ask your friends to help you move is money. Especially if there is a lot to shift, it can be extremely costly to hire Sydney removalists cheap. However, you must have heard the saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Your friends may not expect anything in return, and offering to pay them money can be offensive. That does not mean that you shouldn’t provide compensation for their hard work. So, if you do choose to go with asking for that favour, the least you can do is provide food, refreshments, and perhaps a gift to show your gratitude.


This one is in favour of hiring the movers. If you have a lot of antiques or breakable items, you will want them to be handled with care. You can’t be running around telling your friends how to handle precious items all day. Hiring furniture removalists is the best way to make sure nothing gets damaged, because these professionals are trained and have experience in handling fragile or important objects. They will also do a faster, more efficient job, while also using the correct packing procedures and materials.


If your friend accidentally breaks an antique vase, would you tell them not to worry, or would you (either secretly or outwardly) wish for compensation? This is an awkward but avoidable situation. Most moving companies have insurance and accountability policies, so you know you can hold someone accountable for any mistakes or damage. Moreover, you can be sure that it is extremely unlikely that any such damage will happen to your belongings in the hands of a professional. Hiring the pros will also ensure that you or your friends do not get injured (that’s a guilt trip no one wants to make).

All in all, though you can realistically have your friends or family help you move, it is recommended that you shell out a bit of cash to make sure moving goes off without a hitch.