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October 7, 2016

Why You Should Hire A Stager?

The real estate market is not something you should take lightly – selling or buying a property takes an unmeasurable amount of effort, determination and patience. Trying to find an ideal place to buy is an almost never ending loop of home hunting, nit-picking and bargaining to reduce the prices. The number of times the average homebuyer comes ninety nine percent close to buying a property, only to give up after finding a minor fault, is probably too often to call it something out of the ordinary. Nonetheless, most people will agree that trying to sell a house is far harder than trying to buy one – because you are not the one who needs to be pleased, but you are the one who should please the potential homebuyers and coax them into buying a property!

If the process of coaxing your potential customers is something hard for you – and your home has been sitting in the market without any buyers for a considerable period of time – you might want to consider home staging services. Staging a home is basically the process where a stager will styling up your dream home – he or she will rearrange the décor of the property in a way that would be best pleasing to the buyers. A stager looks at a property the way a buyer does – what a buyer expects to see in a home, the stager will try to recreate: for example, a cozy scene by the fireplace.

Whilst home staging services will give you additional expenses in the form of hiring expenses and commissions, the amount you will spend on these is quite low when you compare it with the potential amount you will gain additionally. How so? Simply because a stager knows how a selling property should look like. Studies conducted have shown that the rearrangement a stager does can result in an average extra twenty thousand bucks added to the overall value of your home. The amount you will end up paying to the stager is probably not even a tenth of this value, which shows how much a potential profit you can make.

Plus, the same studies have also shown that homes that had been left in the market for over a month sold relatively quickly – in around one or two weeks – once a stager had been hired to rearrange them. The amount of time you end up saving is thereby obvious. This, coupled with the extra cash you can make out of staging your house, should be more than enough to convince you to hire a stager when selling your house.