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July 2016

What It Takes To Have A Successful Real Estate Career


At one point in life, almost everyone has gone through a change of housing arrangements, sale, or had a close friend or family go through the same. This often leave many wondering what a career in real estate would be like. However, the real estate world is very extensive. Careers in real estate range from property law and strata management; to the real estate agents most people know and are used to. Those with an interest in this line of work must follow these steps to chart a clear path to success.

Budding strata lawyers or realtors must ask themselves whether they are the right person for the job. It is more than just having a love for people and wanting to interact with them. The truth is, depending on the line of work chosen in the real estate industry, it is more than just driving around with people searching for a home. Real estate professionals often run their own businesses, and are involved in advertising, making payments, finding clients and constantly upgrading their education.

The real estate buyers agent in Sydney must also be ready to work with other players in the industry. A real estate agent must know how to handle inspectors, strata managers, bankers and other competing real estate agent. The best real estate agents are like symphony conductors. Their job is to coordinate the different aspects in the home search process, making sure the individual searching for a house has the easiest experience.

Before deciding on the real estate industry, do some research. There is a lot of information available on the internet about what is required of any successful real estate agent. A good idea would be to meet with a trusted real estate agent for some hands on advice. Ask them about their path to success, and the problems they faced while starting up. Talk to different professionals to get different points of view and opinions.

There is significant start-up costs involved in starting a career in the field of real estate. Even for the employed professional working under another company, there should be enough financial planning before quitting that regular job to focus on real estate. Agents are paid on commission basis, and most never earn regular salaries. When starting off, one must be sure they have enough money to push them through the tough months.

Every state has different laws, but every one of them requires some qualification before becoming a real estate agent. Most places require a minimum amount of hours in the classroom followed by a licensing final exam. Start on these classes and exams as soon as possible to get a head start on qualification. It is also important to remember that a real estate professional will likely have to upgrade their education several times on the job.

Just like any other career, it is advisable to get a mentor. Passing the exam and getting licensed does not immediately translate to knowing everything. Find an office with a leading professional who will be able to offer valuable guidance.

Things To Consider While You Design And Renovate Your New Home


Buying a home in Melbourne and then renovating it is indeed a meticulous process. Even if you are able to pick the right location, it becomes very difficult to choose the property that meets your requirements. The professional property buying agents thus can help you a lot. However, for the designing and reconstruction part you can seek help of experts. If you are knowledgeable enough to design it by your own and then carry forward the renovation process, then the task becomes quite simple. This article is for those people who would like to plan the designing by their own and take professional help for the execution:

How to prepare an immaculate plan?

Once when you buy the house with the help of buyers agent melbourne, you can spot out the places where improvements are required. Now to understand it thoroughly you need to see the house plan. Planning a renovation design can be of two types; internal improvement and external renovation. Property magazines or magazines featuring interior/ exterior decorations can give you a good idea on how to proceed. Also, your self-imagination can take a lead role in this planning process. However, check the planning couple of times by your own as well as ask relatives/ family members to inspect it and give their own views. This is a wonderful way to improve the planning quality and take the work forward.

Consider the constructional plan

There are mostly two types of properties, the first one where the builder has taken care of all the aspects while building it and the second one where the builder has given very less care. The later one comes at a considerably low price. So, before you buy the property with the help of buyers agent melbourne, make sure that the property has followed all the strict rules while construction.

How to make the optimal use of space?

The basic thing that you need to consider is the smart utilisation of space. During the planning of renovation design, you have to give special attention on how to optimise the use of space. Look for the spots where renovation should be done to maximise the space. Similarly, you have to give attention to the interior on how to maximise the interior floor space. Piling up furniture or accessories may put some negative impact on the space distribution.

Take care of the materials

Depending on the climate of the location, you have to choose the building materials. Buy such building materials that will ensure warmth during the winter and coolness during peak summer.

Needless to say, you might need to take special permission from the local council or authority if you are doing some change on the extended part of the house.

Should You Hire A Moving Company Or Ask For Favours?

If you’re gearing up to move into a new apartment or house, you may be wondering whether you should spend on the moving company or just ask friends and family for help. You might think it’s not too much to ask for a few friends to help pack and load a rental truck, but it really could be too much. While your friends or family members are not likely to say no, you do need to realize that you are putting them on the spot, and that it involves a lot of heavy lifting, sweat, time, and energy. After all, do you like the idea of manual labour? Let’s weigh out the options.


Obviously the biggest save if you ask your friends to help you move is money. Especially if there is a lot to shift, it can be extremely costly to hire Sydney removalists cheap. However, you must have heard the saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Your friends may not expect anything in return, and offering to pay them money can be offensive. That does not mean that you shouldn’t provide compensation for their hard work. So, if you do choose to go with asking for that favour, the least you can do is provide food, refreshments, and perhaps a gift to show your gratitude.


This one is in favour of hiring the movers. If you have a lot of antiques or breakable items, you will want them to be handled with care. You can’t be running around telling your friends how to handle precious items all day. Hiring furniture removalists is the best way to make sure nothing gets damaged, because these professionals are trained and have experience in handling fragile or important objects. They will also do a faster, more efficient job, while also using the correct packing procedures and materials.


If your friend accidentally breaks an antique vase, would you tell them not to worry, or would you (either secretly or outwardly) wish for compensation? This is an awkward but avoidable situation. Most moving companies have insurance and accountability policies, so you know you can hold someone accountable for any mistakes or damage. Moreover, you can be sure that it is extremely unlikely that any such damage will happen to your belongings in the hands of a professional. Hiring the pros will also ensure that you or your friends do not get injured (that’s a guilt trip no one wants to make).

All in all, though you can realistically have your friends or family help you move, it is recommended that you shell out a bit of cash to make sure moving goes off without a hitch.

Mistakes Buyers And Sellers Make When Inspecting A Home

The aim of inspecting a house should not only be identifying the defects of the house but also learning how to maintain the property. Here are some mistakes that needs to be avoided when buying a property. When choosing an inspector you will need to ask a few questions such as for how long has he been inspecting houses for, number of inspections he has done, whether he has any certificates or qualifications. You need to ask these to ensure that you are dealing with a professional, a professional who will analyze any weaknesses or strengths of the house and explain them to you. Attend any home inspections. Make sure that your home inspector lets you come with him for any inspections of the property that you are going to purchase. Inspecting a property will simply require some hours may be an entire morning or an afternoon. After inspecting your inspector should explain you any problems. A good inspector might even give you an estimated value for the repairs or any modifications that should be done and whether this will suit your budget or not.

Advantages of a property inspector.

It is better if you can hire an independent property inspector. Why? Because they will check for any problems with the house that you are going to purchase with a lot of experience. So there are many advantages of independent property inspections in Hobart. The property inspectors will also provide you a building report and the inspection, which means you are getting answers for all the doubts you had about the property. They would inspect the property with great care. They might even provide you reports so you can buy the property at an affordable price. But you need to make sure you hire a reliable independent property inspector.

Other mistakes that need to be considered.

Most of the buyers and sellers do not read the inspection reports properly. Don’t just take a glance of the report you will have to read the report carefully. See whether it is written in proper handwriting and that you do understand what has been written on it. See the types of the problems of the house and what take to fix those problems, these will be in the report with details. Ensure that you find an inspector when you have made the offer to buy a property, don’t wait for so long to engage an inspector. When you have hired an inspector introduce yourself and give him some of the necessary details such as your phone number or your email address so that he can contact you when he wants.

Buying A Holiday Home In Australia

If you are a person that travels a lot to Australia and you constantly find yourself paying a lot of money for hotels, you may want to consider the possibility of buying a home in Australia that you can use as a holiday home when you are there. When you think of buying a holiday home or a property, you may think of a lot of money and decide that you do not have the finances for such an investment but the truth is, it does not have to cost as much as you think it does if you are creative enough. You can self finance your property by turning it in to a guest house or a rental property that you can rent out on a short term basis to travelers while you are not in Australia so that you will have an income from the property to pay for the lease. In this case find a suitable Port Douglas real estate for your ideal property.

Marketing your new property

The first thing that you will need to do after you have renovated and redesigned the house is to get a professional photographer to come in and take some beautiful pictures of the house that you can use in your advertisements. Do not forget to check out for Port Douglas golf resorts that you can speak about in your advertisements in order to attract more guests. 

One additional investment you will have to make however is hiring a watcher who will be able to keep the property clean and cook simple meals for the guests while they are at your property. You can even charge a small additional fee for this facility that guests will have no problem paying. You will need to prepare a menu for the meals that you will serve at the guest house and take some beautiful food pictures each of these dishes that you can also include in your advertisements. The combination of these pictures is guaranteed to bring in many guests. You can include different activities that your guests can partake in while there and you can ask them to check out for Port Douglas golf resorts.

This means that you will not have to pay anything but the down payment on the property and the rest of the finances will take care of themselves. You can either rent out the property as a whole to travelling groups or better yet, rent out individual rooms as this will bring in more business and more money as an individual room will be able to bring in more money overall.